“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


Whoever it was who spoke these words really hit the nail on the head. We’ve all felt the itch of wanderlust, that strong desire to travel and disappear into the sunset; not to run away from life (well, maybe sometimes) but to enrich our lives through new experiences and meeting different people from other walks of life. These are the elements that help us to grow.

“To travel is not only to discover new places, but to discover ourselves”

Lisa Grimm (That’s me!) 

If you enjoy the excitement of travel and love to indulge in culinary delights along the way as much as I do, then follow me on some epic adventures and meet some cool people along the way! Being a chef I am always about the food so I will share with you some fun and easy recipes inspired by my travels, hoping to develop my food styling and photography skills along the way 😉

For the past 5 years I have been working in the infamous yachting industry as a chef, cruising all over the Med and Caribbean – and no, it’s not like a cruise ship! An industry where you work hard to play hard, it certainly takes you places (if you’re not stuck in the galley that is, at least you get to see a lot through your porthole!). You definitely develop a taste for travel and get itchy feet, but it’s also necessary to ground yourself a little from time to time as being on the go 25/8 is demanding on the soul. Needless to say I am taking some time out for a bit and hope to connect with you and share some experiences and my passion for food and discovery, cooking and feasting along the way.

As is often the case while traveling, particularly to remote places, it’s difficult to feel inspired in the kitchen when you’re in the middle of nowhere with minimal produce selection, and not to mention you’re missing your favourite kitchen appliances that just wouldn’t fit in your suitcase! But you know, sometimes you just have to make do with what you have – and you can still make some bomber meals! (Yes, I have often used an empty wine bottle for a rolling pin, or even potato masher!).

For example, I’ve been in and out of Nicaragua a lot, living in a simple little fishing village, where the nearest big supermarket is 45 mins away, and you sometimes have to rely on the pulperia (local corner store) for whatever “fresh” produce they may have…yet we always manage to make the most incredible pot-luck family dinners and BBQ’s – and we have a blast while doing it! So before I make things complicated and get all cheffy on you, I wanna take things back to basics a bit, simple fresh flavours and delicious dishes that you can pull off, even if you’re stuck with very little. I say use the local stuff that inspires you on your travels, get involved. There are enough fancy food websites out there anyway.

Ok, I think that’s enough rambling on for now – blabbermouth! You will learn more about me along the way – let’s go!

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