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Learn to Cook Authentic Thai

Cooking Classes in Thailand

In February 2015 I embarked on a culinary adventure to Thailand for a month, starting my journey in Koh Samui at SITCA – Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts. SITCA is one of the best places for cooking classes in Thailand. An absolutely fantastic school, run by professional Chef Roongfa Singram and her team, offering their students a high standard of teaching and sharing their secrets of authentic Thai cuisine. And oh my god let me tell you, every day was a culinary dream!

Want to know the secrets?

Well I’m not gonna just give away the deliciously devilish secrets of the Thai cuisine! But I can pass on some info for you to experience it for yourself firsthand. And trust me, your taste for Thai will never be the same again! If you plan on a trip to Thailand, please, do yourself a favour and book a cooking class with these guys…

Don’t be shy!

For the best cooking classes in Thailand, see what SITCA has to offer. They have several options to choose from; ranging from morning/afternoon classes to one week or a two week intensive course. The day courses are perfect if you’re just spending a few days in Koh Samui and you want to try your hand at some Thai cooking. Even if you’re not an accomplished cook, the classes are easy to follow, it’s a super fun activity and very well organised – plus you get to indulge in your delicious dishes after class! Yum!


Essential sauces for Thai cuisine: Soy, fish, oyster, seasoning sauce and more


The base of literally every meal – tons of chilies! Fresh, dried, green and red. Interestingly – between the small chilies, the red ones are hotter and between the large chilies, the green ones are the hotter out of the two

For the Pro’s

For the real foodie enthusiasts and professional chefs, I highly recommend the longer courses – 6 days a week and pretty full days, but they are SO worth it. These cooking classes in Thailand are perfect for professional chefs. The skills and knowledge you will learn are invaluable. I was the only one enrolled in the two week professional course at that time, so I got to work one-on-one with Chef Roongfa all day.

What a perfect way to enjoy authentic cooking classes in Thialnd! Soaking up her knowledge and feasting on all our delights that we conjured up in the wok. I definitely put on a couple of kilos by the end of it but hey, food is meant to be enjoyed right!? All of the dishes are made totally from scratch using recipes passed down through generations of Roo’s family. All made using fresh local ingredients. You really can’t get anything better!


The awesome Chef Roongfa beaming over her delicious dishes

The 2 week course covers everything from making pastes, soups, various traditional meat and veg dishes, curries, noodle dishes and desserts – all from scratch! We even covered fruit and vegetable carving one day which was pretty awesome but by the end of the day my brain was completely fried! So much concentration…




Flavour overload

The basis of Thai cuisine is the balance between salt, sugar, sour, and of course they throw a sh*t load of spice in there for good measure! It’s really amazing how many different dishes can be created by re-using the same staple ingredients but just changing the balance of these flavours. Every day my mind was blown and my taste buds were in a constant state of euphoria.


Get inspired by the local street food – cooked freshly in front of your eyes. Dinner and a show!

The local food became an obsession for me, even in the evenings I would hunt around the night market and local restaurants searching for a delicious Tom Yum Soup or Phad Thai – jeepers as if I hadn’t eaten enough already! I am completely convinced that chili is as addictive as they say (don’t ask me who “they” are). Surprisingly it doesn’t take long to adjust to the Thai level of heat used in their cooking. However – if you are sensitive to spicy food, watch out…maybe stay away from the Green Papaya Salads and Thai Green Curries. Don’t try to be a cowboy – you will get burned!


Definitely one of my favourite dishes from the course – hands down the best Phad Thai I’ve ever eaten!

authentic thai

Ingredients for Blue Crab Curry – ready for the wok!


Delicious smells wafting from the steaming crab

Don’t forget your surroundings!

There is also much to see and do on the island of Koh Samui. It’s easy to hire a scooter or get around the island with their local shuttle taxis. So go visit the giant Buddha or kick back on one of the many beaches, get lost in the jungle chasing waterfalls, or check out a Thai Boxing match!

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A local vendor strolling along Chaweng beach

koh samui



Check out their website for more information, book yourself a class and revel in the deliciousness of authentic Thai cuisine!


Stuffed whole fish in a plum sauce

authentic thai

Green papaya salad – packs a punch!


authentic thai

Thai Fish Cakes


Thai Green Prawn Curry – like you’ve never tasted before

authentic thai

Seasoned rice with accomaniments of egg roll, shallots, chilies, green mango, fried baby shrimp and fried pork strips. Topped with a squeeze of lime and fresh coriander

authentic thai

Spicy Glass Noodle Salad with minced Chicken – so many delicious flavours!

authentic thai

Tom Kha Soup

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