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The Land of Ceylon – Lipton’s Seat, Sri Lanka

A ride or hike up to Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka from Ella is an absolute must! I have to admit we nearly bypassed this activity as the info we found online at the time was pretty rubbish and made it seem not worth the hassle – but take my advice – it absolutely is.

Take a tuk-tuk or hike up to Lipton’s Seat Sri Lanka

It’s an early start…but so worth it!

lipton's seat sri lanka

You must leave early in the morning (6:30 – 7am latest) to make the journey up there before the cloud cover sets in by mid morning. It would be a shame to go all that way just to have the beautiful view covered by fog. We jumped in a tuk-tuk for LKR3000 return, including waiting time at the top, and took the hilariously bumpy ride up the windy hill, through the never-ending Ceylon tea plantations. It certainly woke us up from our sleepy state! 

The crisp morning air filled our lungs as we climbed ever higher, watching in awe at the magnificent scene that unfolded below us. Endless rolling green hills flecked with little villages and temples.  The tea pickers eyed us curiously as we zoomed past them; women, both young and elderly, all dressed in colourful clothing and bejeweled with gold nose piercings.

If I remember correctly the whole journey took us about an hour, and when we had finally reached the top the view was even more breathtaking!

Enjoy the view, take it all in! lipton's seat sri lanka

Have a seat next to Sir Thomas Lipton himself – the man who introduced these giant tea fields to Sri Lanka for export in 1890. Take in the peace and serenity of your surroundings and then grab yourself a cup of tea (obviously) and some delicious traditional breakfast treats at the little restaurant perched on top of the cliff.

You’ll be greeted with huge smiles, invited to sit down, and for LKR200 (less than $1.50) you will be served perfectly brewed Ceylon tea and a variety of tasty, traditional Sri Lankan snacks; delicious veggie samosas, crunchy lentil and corn cakes, spicy onion sambal bursting

with flavour and I have to say – probably THE BEST roti I’ve ever had! If that’s not enough you will be brought another cup of tea and a couple of sweet delights to top off a bomber breakie.


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