struggles of being your own boss

Motivational Mondays

Ah that moment when you open your social media page and someone has posted that cliche “Motivational Mondays” quote. You roll your eyes and quietly vomit off the side of your bed. Then proceed to roll off your bed into a puddle of said vomit as you try to reach for the snooze button on your alarm. Great. Working towards that lifestyle of being able to work from wherever takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The is no space for inconsistency or procrastination (sigh…). The struggles of being your own boss are REAL.

Don’t you just hate Mondays?

I can’t say I really fall into the whole “I hate mondays” category. Being a traveller and yachtie I don’t really do the whole Monday to Friday lifestyle. I take every day as it comes, whether it’s a weekend or weekday. I work hard when I’m working and then find myself “on holiday” for sometimes months at a time. Lately I’ve been in this holiday mode a lot longer than I ever thought or expected. Which I have to admit, is a little daunting. There’s always that lingering question, “Am I doing enough?”. I have been able to do some freelance work in between to keep funds topped up and I’ve worked hard over the years to create this kind of lifestyle for myself.

I’m currently taking a couple of months to be back at home in South Africa to re-explore this beautiful country and spend quality time with my family, which is also important right? Am I nervous that I’m not working right now? Actually, yes I am a little. I’m always thinking that I should be doing more and being more productive, that I should be chasing something. I’m 28 and what have I got to show for it? In some ways a lot, in others perhaps very little. I guess that depends on how I categorize myself. I’m not lazy and I don’t sit at home watching TV all day. I try to fill my non working days with outdoor activities, social connections with family and friends, epic travel experiences and, you guessed it – great food! That’s my life, and I love it!

Struggles of being your own boss

When I have my time off I try to pursue things that inspire me and will get the creative juices flowing. I have a million-and-six things in my head that I want to do or achieve and zero clue where to even start! For example this whole blog thing that I’ve been trying to do for a while now does my head in. Sometimes I look at the task at hand and my eyes cross and my brain starts to malfunction. I get stuck on little things and that tiny little devil on my shoulder sings in my ear “You don’t know what you’re doing, you just don’t have the right skills”. And unfortunately he’s right. There’s a lot out there to compete with and I’m just not making the cut.

Confession time:

It’s totally my fault. I’m letting challenges get the better of me and not doing enough to overcome them. What happened to my inspiration and drive? Does anyone else feel trapped in this mindset? What do you do to pull yourself out and get back on track?

I woke up this morning and came across a video on Facebook by The Professional Vagabond. Do I want to know how to become a Professional Traveler? Hell yeah I do! I mean, I pretty much already am but how am I using it to my advantage? Watching their video triggered some questions and got me inspired. I’m feeling: MOTIVATED. And guess what – it’s Monday. How fitting.

Next step:

So I’m working on some ways to keep my head clear and mind focused on one thing at a time. Perhaps that will be my next post. Inspiring yourself and working on your own can be daunting and exhausting sometimes. How does everyone else do it? What I need to do is create a strategy for the goals I want to achieve. Something that gives me a tangible outcome to keep me motivated to progress further and reap the benefits. This needs to become a habit, and will help me with dealing with the struggles of being your own boss. What better time to start than on a rainy Monday morning. No distractions.

What are your tips or routines to keep you motivated and inspired? How do you deal with the struggles of being your own boss? What do you do to focused under pressure or prevent that feeling of being completely overwhelmed from flooding in and ruining your buzz? How do you kill procrastination?

Share your thoughts or links to things that inspire you. Tell us your tips on how to GET. IT. DONE.

We all need a kick up the butt sometimes…


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