tips for staying healthy while traveling

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Do you need some tips for staying healthy while traveling? Working and traveling can often make it difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle, but it’s really important to maintain a balanced diet. We work so hard to get that bikini-body for a holiday, only to ruin it all in two weeks with fried food and too many cocktails. A vicious (yet extremely fun) cycle.

We all know what it’s like when you’re on the go, exploring new cultures, indulging in all the delicious cuisines, relying on restaurant meals or quick-fix snacks, usually of the unhealthy variety. This is a problem that I’ve been experiencing over the last few months now. I’m not living in my own private space and I’m not able to cook what/how I would prefer. We’ve also been eating out a lot and it’s starting to take it’s toll.

So what can you do to keep up your health and maintain a balanced diet when on the go? I LOVE trying out new restaurants and eating delicious food, I can’t give that up – no way! So I’ve brainstormed some ideas to help keep me in check and I want to share them with you. Here are 12 tips for staying healthy while traveling, they can even be applied to your everyday life at home.

12 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

1. Choose Restaurants Wisely

If you have a variety of restaurants available to you, go for the more healthy cuisines. Choose cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Scandinavian. If you do end up eating at restaurants with a heavier cuisine, such as American or French, try to make healthier choices by going for their lighter menu options or just have an appetizer.


asian restaurant


Want to learn to cook incredible Thai food like the pro’s? Check out this link here!


2. Beware the Breakfast Buffet

OK, so last night was an epic party, you’re hungover AF and ravenous. You stumble down to your hotel’s breakfast room to be greeted by an array of pastries, fruits, cured meats and cheeses, egg station – have an omelette with EVERYTHING! Don’t forget the waffle station and all the other goodies to go with your eggs sunny-side up please. Easy now, no sudden movements…as important as breakfast is to kick start your day, there is no need to over-do it. Indulging in a huge heavy breakfast will only stretch your stomach and set the mood for unhealthy eating for the rest of the day.


breakfast buffet


3. Pick a healthy cooking method

I know it’s obvious (and so hard to do sometimes), but lay off the fried stuff! Sometimes you just crave it and that’s OK, we all deserve a little indulgence from time to time. Choosing a lighter cooking method such as grilling, steaming or poaching will go a long way in making you feel good physically and mentally. A healthy body is a healthy mind. I dunno about you, but I often feel like I’ve over done it after eating fried food and almost always sit there regretting it. I really didn’t need it – again.




4. Get enough fruits and vegetables

When you’re traveling to an exotic location, getting your daily fruit intake shouldn’t be too difficult. There is nothing better than locally grown pineapples, mangoes, papaya, coconut, dragon fruit, watermelon – oh the list is endless! Pure sun-ripened deliciousness fresh from the market.


tips for healthy eating


Unfortunately the veggies don’t have it so easy. I often find that some heavier bar-style menus are seriously lacking in their vegetable quota. Deep fried onion rings and potato wedges don’t count. I’m talking about your greens guys. Leafy greens and raw veggies are super important to keep your body and digestion happy. They’re full of key vitamins and will actually leave you feeling energized and satisfied for longer. Drop the stodge and go for green.

5. Choose cocktails and drinks wisely

It’s always happy hour somewhere! Cocktail hour, beer o’clock, wine time, whatever you wanna call it – it’s pretty much my favorite time of day. There is nothing better than grabbing a delicious PiΓ±a Colada or ice cold brewskie under the shade of a tiki umbrella in paradise. The problem with cocktails especially is the sugar content. Be careful. Limit yourself to one or two of your fav cocktails and then switch to something lighter and more calorie friendly like a vodka lime and soda.




More tips for staying healthy while traveling…


6. Sharing is caring

When eating out and discovering new food cultures, I always wanna try a bit of everything on the menu. Clearly, there is a huge problem here because as much as I’d love to eat it ALL, I just can’t. Hopefully you are traveling with someone who is willing to share and try different dishes too. Pick a few small appetizers to get a nice variety and share a main course if the portions are giant.




7. Watch your portion intake

One of my pet hates about restaurants is the over-sizing of their portions. Often it’s to the point of being ridiculous and unnecessary. You’re feeding a human-being not a horse. But you’ve paid for it now and so you feel the need to finish the meal. Be smart with your choice of dish. See if you can get the same dish as an appetizer instead of a main. Watch what other people are ordering and see how big the portions are. Ask your server if the kitchen offers half portions (although this may actually piss the kitchen off), or share a meal with your buddy.




8. It’s all about balance

I’m a huge advocate for if something makes you happy – go for it! Life’s too short to deny yourself the things you love. In saying this, if you love food as much as I do, you have to be careful and ensure you’re getting a balanced and varied diet. If you enjoy eating meat, make sure you’re also getting enough seafood and vegetarian meals. Don’t always go for the fries or potato wedges – grab a side salad or veggies from time to time. You do not need a full English breakfast EVERY morning just because you’re on holiday. Balance a big breakfast with a light lunch or afternoon snack to tie you over until the evening. Share the dessert or skip it altogether if you can find the discipline.


what makes you happy

9. No gym? No probs!

Some holidays are active and adventurous, others are chill under that tiki umbrella all day getting your tan on. Exercise is obviously the best way to burn calories and also helps aid digestion. It goes without saying this would be one of the best tips for staying healthy while traveling. I feel at my best when my body looks good and feels strong. The “guilts” can go suck it, I’m having that cheesecake.

It can be hard to maintain your exercise routine when you’re on the go or used to gym facilities. A jump rope is a great, lightweight piece of kit to have with you for a cardio workout when traveling. Learning a few exercises using your own body weight is perfect so no need for heavy weights – besides, you need that extra space in your luggage for more bikinis and shoes! Get involved with your surroundings; join a yoga class or go for an epic hike. Even a nice long beach walk or stroll through town is better than nothing, and you’ll get to see way more of your surroundings that way.


tips for healthy living


Online workouts are the best way to go. Whether it’s through apps or online subscriptions you’ve always got it in your pocket and therefore no excuse (dammit). Whether you follow Kayla Itsines, Sean T (my body’s arch nemesis), or Beach Body, they really do have you covered. If you need some motivation or more advice I can recommend getting yourself an online coach. My gal India Reinartz is a qualified coach and all round bad-ass babe that can get you whipped into shape in no time! Hit up her Instragram @duck_dive_diva or shoot her an email [email protected]

10. Eat local

For me the best thing while traveling to new countries is diving into their cuisine. By eating local fare, you’re not only enriching your own palate but you’re supporting local businesses. I always feel better knowing that my meal is made with fresh ingredients and locally sourced products. You didn’t go all the way to Vietnam just to eat some Pizza, wings and fries did you? Guaranteed in most other countries the quality of their “Western” dishes (hamburgers, steaks, pizzas, pastas, hotdogs – shudder – and even some salads) will be made with poor quality ingredients and also badly made as it’s not their forte. Unless of course you’re traveling to said Western countries where they are known for that type of cuisine. Duh.


eat local

All sorts of exotic delights at the China Town street food market, Chiang Mai


11. Listen to your body

I dunno about you guys but after a few days of serious indulgence in food and alcohol my body starts to hate me. I wake up feeling sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. It’s OK to take a break. Have an alcohol free day or at least wait until the evening to enjoy a sundowner or a glass of wine with dinner. Skip the breakfast buffet and grab a fresh coconut from the local vendor down the street – your body will thank you for it.


coconut water


12. Keep hydrated

This is one of the most important tips for staying healthy while traveling. Make sure you’re getting enough liquids throughout the day – the non-alcoholic kind. If you’re having a boozy beach day then have a glass of water for every couple of cocktails. Whenever I travel to remote places I try to have some electrolyte powder sachets at hand. These are perfect for hangover days or even if you’re traveling somewhere hot and sweating a lot throughout the day. Also when flying, I know it’s fun to get a bit of a buzz on during your flight or you want to knock yourself out so you can get some shut eye but this is a BAD IDEA. You will feel rotten by the time you touch down and jetlag will be increased 10 fold.




Did you enjoy these 12 tips for staying healthy while traveling? I hope these will help you to enjoy a healthier holiday and lifestyle! Let me know if you’ve found these tips useful or if you have more advice to share in the comments below. Safe travels πŸ™‚


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