Top 5 Ways to Discover Thailand

Thailand – what an incredible and inspiring country; a place where food, religion, culture and nature all blend together to form a kaleidoscope of adventure and discovery! Read here for the top things to do in Thailand.

If reading’s not your thing – follow this link to get some visual inspiration, otherwise, here is a little list based on my journey through this amazing part of the world – things to do, eat and experience…

Top Things to do in Thailand

Learn to cook authentic Thai:

I was dying to learn more about the cuisine and enrolled at SITCA, Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts in Koh Samui.Β An absolutely fantastic school, run by Roongfa Singram and her team, offering their students a high standard of teaching and their secrets of authentic Thai cuisine. This was the real deal – and let me tell you, every day was a culinary dream! I took on the two week professional level course and got to work one-on-one with Chef Roongfa; every day feasting on all the delights that we conjured up in the wok. I definitely put on a couple of kilos by the end of it but it was so worth it! All of the dishes are made totally from scratch, from recipes passed down through generations of Roo’s family, and all made using fresh local ingredients.

Check out my post Learn to Cook Authentic ThaiΒ for more information on SITCA and my experience there!

Stuffed whole fish in a plum sauce

Seasoned rice with accomaniments of egg roll, shallots, chilies, green mango, fried baby shrimp and fried pork strips. Topped with a squeeze of lime and fresh coriander

Chef Roongfa showing off some delicious treats

authentic thai

Traditional Phad Thai with Prawns, made form scratch during my class at SITCA in Koh Samui

Indulge in the Street Food:

There is nothing better than strolling through street food and produce markets anywhere! But the smells, flavours and sights that hit your senses while meandering through the streets of Thailand are in a league of their own. This was definitely one ofΒ my top things to do in Thailand!

Sizzling woks and the theatrical chefs behind them will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Delicious food, freshly cooked and piled high – with every stall, another adventure awaits! The Chiang Mai street food market and China Town Market will blow your mind.

All sorts of exotic delights at the China Town street food market, Chiang Mai

Awesome little treats of Enoki mushrooms, wrapped in ham and grilled on the BBQ, at the street markets of Chiang Mai

The bustling might market on Rachadamnoen, Chiang Mai

A vendor takes a quick break form the hustle and bustle of the market to enjoy a local meal

One of my favourite pictures – giant steaming bamboo pots of dumplings!

Temples of Chiang Mai:

The ornate style and decor of these Buddhist temples will take your breath away. With over 300 Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, one can get a bit overwhelmed with which ones to choose from. Coming soon – a list of the top 10 must-see “wats” to go check out

top things to do in Thailand

Wat Chedi Luang, Chaing Mai

Offerings to a reclining Buddha at the temples of Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

Beautifully carved dragon, protecting the entrance of a temple in Chiang Mai

A golden Buddha watches silently over the people of Chiang Mai

Find that little paradise:

Most people will immediately think of the Koh Phi Phi islands which I will have to admit, are ridiculously crowded and commercialised (perhaps I’ve been spoilt), but still beautiful if you can see past that and very easy to arrange a trip to visit from literally anywhere in the country. I had heard of another area which was pretty special and way less crowded, yet a bit of a further journey – but sssshhhh! that’s a secret πŸ˜‰
Phuket can have a bit of a stigma for various reasons but it does have some tranquil and beautiful parts too. I can reccommend Nai Yang beach and the surrounding area (North-West), if you want something a lot more low key and peaceful. Other areas to explore are Krabi, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui – amongst many!

The iconing long-tail boats of Koh Phi Phi

The raw beauty of the Phi Phi Islands. Not often seen without crowds these days

Panoramic of tranquil Nai Yang beach in Phuket

A local vendor walks Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui selling traditional Thai delights

Crowded yet pretty beaches of Koh Phi Phi

The Grand Palace, Bangkok – Wat Phra Kaew

Definitely one of the top things to do in Thailand, To some, known as the Temple of The Emerald Buddha, this estate is a labyrinth of architecture, colour and jewels. The ornate decor is enough to take your breath away, topped with the incredible architecture you will feel like you are in a wonderland! Dress code is of course covered shoulders, legs and midriff, even for men. Easily accessible by the Bangkok river, this is an absolute must-see!


This place could be Disneyland!


Beautiful golden works at The Grand Palace, Bangkok


Incredible detail on every surface of The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Incredible architecture of The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Fierce guard statue at The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Beautiful traditional architecture at The Grand Palace in Bangkok


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